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Technology Working Together

Assignment No. 2 ~ Technology working together

The corporation recognizes there is a huge market for people who need to get trained in IT jobs.

Those jobs include server, storage, network hardware maintenance, new server, storage, network hardware installation, server, storage, network configuration, creating enterprise system architecture, building software, how to host and maintain SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, etc.’s business is training people across those different aspects of IT (and more) listed above. Courses vary but they all last at least six months, full time, and they frequently involve multiple subjects.’s business includes advertising, tuition finance counseling, hands-on training sites, distance education, internships, and placement.

You are the Director for IT at, and that you are also expected to participate in business decisions at the highest levels of the company.

Please make sure that you provide your answer representing the organization (not using “I”).

You are free to add assumptions and details concerning if they are consistent with the description above and provided that you specify what these are.

The organization needs to determine the best way to streamline their operations and improve its competitive advantage.

Think about what topics below would help the organization accomplish those goals.

Focus on how a set of topics, together, would provide competitive or operational advantage for the organization.

In your own words, describe the relevance and application of six of the topics in the list below from the online notes this week as they apply to

For each topic, outline the competitive or operational nature in which it will provide an advantage and provide examples of technologies or services that could leverage.

For example, if you chose Communication and Collaboration, explain the operational and competitive benefits surrounding this topic and outline the technologies that could be leveraged to fulfill the topics needs (i.e. Zoom), based on research about the topic.

Start with an association of the topics to the competitive strategies and approaches that we covered in Module 1. (i.e. differenation as a strategy with a decision based approach).

Back up your assertions through research from established news articles, business cases, the module notes, etc.

A “topic” here corresponds to a specific technology presented in the notes. “Application” above refers to the way the topic is applied or implemented in this company.

In responding to these questions, seek material additional to the online notes (the internet, books, and journal articles) that support each topic.

Technology Topics:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Big Data
  • DevOps
  • Microservice architecture
  • Mobile Communication
  • Social Media Communication
  • Augmented Reality

Number the sections in your homework 1 through 10, make the section headings as follows.

The sections of your response should be as follows:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents & Table of Figures
  • Section 1– Introduction – covering the organization and outlining competitive strategies and approaches from Module 1 which are driving your technology choices
  • Section 2 —Why I think that the following six topics are most important competitively and operationally for IT and how they work together to drive competitive advantage.
  • Section 3 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 4 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 5 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 6 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 7 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 8 Topic –deep dive into that specific technology and how it applies to the organization
  • Section 9 —Why I think that the remaining topics in this week’s notes are less important competitively and operationally for IT.
  • Section 10 –Conclusion

An example is “Section 5. Big Data.”

Please keep your content to a maximum of 12 pages of 12-point type, single or 1.5 spaced. This does not include the title page, table of contents or figures page, references and other supplemental material such as appendices. On average the core content of these assignments are 8-10 pages.


* If you were to choose Big Data as a topic, in section 1, outline how Big Data coincides with other topics to drive competitive and operational advantage. Moreover, bring it back to strategies that we discussed in Module 1 (i.e. since we are talking about Big Data, you could bring it back to taking a Decision based approach). Then in the topic section, explicitly outline how Big Data would help drive competitive advantage (i.e. improved decision making) and/or operational advantage. With that include technologies that might support Big Data (i.e. a Hadoop cluster).

End with a list of references following the standard reference format, as described in References and Citations document. Use the Ask Your Facilitator Discussion Board if you have any questions regarding the objectives of the assignment or how to approach the assignment.  Save your assignment as LastnameFirstname_ assign2.doc and submit it in the Assignments section of the course.

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