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Network Engineering Project

Assessment 1 task 2 – Final draft of Project proposal and an action plan based on the business requirements for the case study company

In preparation for task 2 students will need to:

Analyse the case study document with your team and discuss how you will design and deploy servers in the new network and prepare a project proposal in a standard report format for the client including gap analysis. You will need an approval from the client to move on to the next stage.

Review a range of task scheduling utilities for this activity – Use MS Project to create an action plan for the project. MS Project is provided in TAFE computer labs
For task 2 students are required to complete the following activities:

1. Create a project proposal report in standard report format. Project proposal should include following (there is no word or page limit for the report as long as all the requirements are addressed)

a. Introduction with addressing the proposal to appropriate person.

b. Prepare a gap analysis between the existing condition of the case study company (Current IT Infrastructure) and the future specifications (Business Needs, and Technical Requirements).

c. Address following under project proposal – indicate vendors and price for specific applications (if applicable) and justify your choice, consider the budget with your choices.

o Network topology, network cables and connectors?

o How many servers and workstations?

o What types of servers and which servers will do which tasks (server roles)?

o What installation media will be used, what deployment tool will be used?

o What operating systems? What edition of the OS? (With GUI or Server Core?) Brief some alternative choices of OS and reason your choice of OS.

o How will you patch the operating system?

o How will you configure update services?

o How will you configure security?

o What is your backup plan, what best practices you introduce?

o What are the shared resources you introduce (such as printers)?

o Application compatibilities of the software applications?

o What is the WAN service point of presence?

o What server monitoring tools you use? How would you monitor, event logs and errors?

o How will you provide storage solutions? Outline desired file system and disk partitioning you use?

o Data migration requirements

o How you assure the high availability of servers, introduce technology of your choice?

o For each of the following services and applications, indicate how they will be activated, and which server will be used:

Network services: DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, WSUS Server,NTP
File services: File sharing, File and folder protection,
Applications: Email server, Web server, Print Server, FTP
Security: Authentication, File permissions, Firewall, Proxy server
Server Cluster Stage 1 Ver. 1.1 (22/01/2018) Page 12 of 20

o Address educational and training requirements of new system for staff and introduce your training plan. Inform how you provide client access to user guides and technical documentations.

o Introduce Australian Computer Society ethical guidelines for organizational best practices.

2. Use a task scheduling utility (MS Project) to produce an action plan which can be used in preparation for a server network design. You should break the whole project into small, manageable tasks and assign time, and resources for each task. Identify dependencies and milestones when required.

Consider the techniques you will use to perform those tasks and explain them under description of each task. Identify what are the network services each server going to host.

Action plan is the guideline to the complete project as what task you perform, when and where and who perform the task and what would be the cost associated with it.

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