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Midterm exam


Note: you must have 2 internet references for your answers to each question. The 2 internet references must be listed at the end of your paper in a bibliography.

1. Planning is difficult for several reasons. One is that it requires a future goal or objective that must be reached in a given time period. Another is that it requires the planner to project what is likely to happen in the future, which is always difficult. And it requires people to believe in the plan enough to make it happen. What can you as planner do to address these issues?

2. Why do entrepreneurs mostly start small businesses? Some new business startups, however grow very quickly and become large in a very short time, such as Uber. How do you account for the difference between small business startups that stay small, and small business startups that become large businesses quickly?

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3. The environments within which a business operates need to be monitored and adapted to by the business. But there are some environmental factors that can be directly impacted by the manager. What are those and how can a manager impact them?

4. Organizing is the process by which the firm develops a structure within which to carry out its operations. But sometimes the structure is insufficient to process the various tasks that the firm needs to carry out. The most basic factor is a new strategy that requires a new structure. Should the business manager adapt the structure or adapt the strategy to meet the newly emerging needs?

5. Culture is an organizational feature. How can you know a culture before you join the company and work for it and then find that the culture is something you cannot believe in or support? Remember that everyone you, the person being hired, and he/she the hiring officer are on their best behavior to be likeable, friendly, helpful at interview time, maybe not so much later. Better to be able to predict in advance, but how?

Best essay writing services online in USA Assignment Example 2

Question 1: Attack Surface Modelling (60 marks)

The site being audited has a total of 10 full time staff and an unspecified number of casual staff. The back-office duties are only undertaken by full time staff. The staff common areas and offices are not locked or physically separated.

Full time staffers handle payroll, HR and scheduling tasks. The front counter/cashier duties are sometimes taken on by full timers but also by casual staff. You have been informed that the turnover of casual staff is quite large, although the reasons for this are unknown.

The computer systems in the back office are all networked via a Cisco small business series ADSL router supplied by Telstra. To permit the owner(s) to check on files from home, remote access services are enabled on some but not all of the machines.

There is no centralized authentication server and users logon locally to all machines. All machines contain two local user accounts “admin” and “user”.

These accounts are shared by staff to ensure that files are always accessible to fellow staff. The server that will be used for hosting the online presence will run on Ubuntu Linux. The server will also be used as print and file server for other Windows 7 PCs which will run office applications (payroll, HR etc.).

An image of the server machine has been supplied to you as VirtualBox VM. You can obtain the VM from:…

Computer science security

You will require your student number to download the VM. You should download your own specific VM as there are multiple different VMs for different people.

The network interface of the VM is set to Host-only Adapter and you should leave it that way. For the VM to run, it is necessary to have a Host-only Network configured in VirtualBox.

This may already exist, but if it does not exist you can configure it under File->Preferences->Network->Host-only Networks. Make sure you enable the DHCP server.

Your task is to assess the attack surface of this machine. The scope of your analysis is limited to (1) network level attacks and (2) physical attacks. You should NOT logon to the machine and analyse the individual software packages that have been installed. You

only need identify and describe any vulnerable services from a network level (using suitable tools) and identify and describe any potential physical attacks given the scenario description above.

It is not mandatory, but you may use a vulnerability scanner (e.g. Nessus) for the network-level analysis. Like in the real world you must synthesise the output of the tools into a form

appropriate for the audience and add textual descriptions.

Assignment Example 2

Your report should outline possible weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the systems. The report should include a summary of less than 1 page that summarises the most important findings and is understandable by a layperson.

The following pages should describe the details. They should be presented in a format suitable for a general technical audience.  i.e. someone who is proficient in IT in general, but may not be a security expert. Citations should also be used where appropriate.

Your report should include an overview of the potential vulnerable services and of the physical attack points, reference specific CVE items (with brief explanations) and demonstrate a prioritisation of the most important issues.

An exhaustive list of CVEs is not required (there are too many). You should at least discuss the 10 most critical and these must be relevant to the actual system and services. Based on your findings you should also make some recommendation on how to improve the security.

The expected answer length is roughly 5-6 pages, the maximum length is 10 pages.

Best essay writing services online in USA Assignment Example 3

Homeland Security Instructions

Select a topic for your final paper. This topic can be related to any aspect of homeland security you find interesting. The final paper must reflect the concepts covered in this course. You are encouraged to also incorporate theories and concepts learned in the previous courses you have taken in the program.

You may not re-use a paper you have previously submitted in another course. Select a topic for which you can access the information you need to complete the paper. Make sure you do not select a topic that involves classified information!

Identify your topic of choice and discuss your rationale for choosing the topic. What does it mean to you? Why is it important to the field? What is its significance to society?

Your essay response must be a minimum of 250 words in length, not counting references listed at the end or repeating of the questions, and cited per APA guidelines. You are also required to use scholarly resources to support your response. The paper must include a title/cover page, in-text citations, and a properly formatted reference section.

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