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Assignment Examples

Final Exam

Question 1

The SAM process is designed to:

Question 2

A curriculum developed by an outside group for use by others is called a:

Question 3

Start-up dollars are often referred to as seed dollars.

Question 4

Pilot testing:

Question 5

By different offerings, by limiting the numbers of people, by location, and by ability are all approaches to:

Question 6

When planners are aware of the participants’ identities and have promised not to reveal those identities to others, they are practicing:

Question 7


Question 8

No one should be allowed to participate in any health promotion program without giving his or her informed consent

Question 9

Match the following items with the corresponding definition or appropriate example.


Question Selected Match


Break-even analysis

In-kind donation

Variable costs

Fixed costs

Question 10

Which of the following is NOT considered a critical purpose for program evaluation?

Question 11

Determining whether or not a program led to changes in health status is an example of:

Question 12

Monitoring participants’ reactions about program location, time, and speakers is called:

Question 13

The number of people who stopped smoking following a smoking cessation program is a measure of:

Question 14

One strength of having an external evaluator is:

Question 15

Evaluation planning should occur early, while program goals and objectives are being developed.

Question 16

A process evaluation conducted for the purpose of establishing the maximum possible impact of a health program intervention carried out precisely according to the intervention protocol is which of the following?

Question 17

Which of the following explains the need for process evaluation?

Question 18

Which of the following data would NOT be useful in monitoring participants and recipients?

Question 19

Which of the following is a source for program variability?

Question 20

Qualitative, in-depth interviews with individuals who understand the priority population are called:

Question 21

A threat to external validity that occurs when attitudes projected onto individuals cause them to act in a certain way is called:

Question 22

A good example of observation in evaluation design would be pretests and posttests.

Question 23

The design O1 X O2 is a diagram of a quasi-experimental pretest posttest design.

Question 24

The threat to internal validity called mortality refers to having participants leave the study between pretest and posttest.

Question 25

Which of the following is not a threat to internal validity?

Question 26

Maximizing internal and external validity would help to prevent evaluation failure.

Question 27

In an evaluation of a full coverage program, an experimental design could be used as an evaluation design.

Question 28

Inappropriate selection of experimental and control participants could decrease the internal validity of evaluation findings.

Question 29

What is a major method to control for threats to internal validity?

Question 30

Attitude, level of satisfaction with a program, and socioeconomic status are example of:

Question 31

Which refers to consistency in the measurement process?

Question 32

Which method of self-reported data has the lowest response rate?

Question 33

The nonprobability sampling procedure that includes participants identified by investigators, and any other persons referred by those participants, is called a:

Question 34

A measure is valid if it correctly measures the items under investigation.

Question 35

The reliability of an instrument is far more important than its validity.

Question 36

The purpose of using a pilot test is to identify and correct any problems prior to implementation.

Question 37

Samples that provide an equal chance for all people in a population to be selected are:

Question 38

What type of sampling approach must be used to determine causation?

Question 39

Probability samples are samples in which everyone in the population did not have an equal chance of being selected.

Question 40

Based on a one group pre-post evaluation design of an asthma intervention program, it was determined that 50% of participants experienced a decrease in visits to the emergency room. The investigators could conclude that the decrease in ER visits was attributable to the intervention.

Question 41

Select the correct pair of words to fill in the blanks in this sentence:

The goal of ____________ is social accounting and program or policy decision making, while the goal of _______________ is to generate new knowledge for prediction.

Question 42

Which of the following contributes to the difficulty in finding any impact from a program intervention?

Question 43

An effect evaluation was being conducted of a cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention program. The program targeted cholesterol consumption and exercise. The evaluation question was, “Did lowering cholesterol intake and increasing exercise decrease CVD?”

Of the following statements, which is correct?

Question 44

State which of the following statements is true or false


Question Selected Match

A survey instrument on tobacco consumption in youth that does not accurately measure smoking in youth is a reliability issue.

A likert scale survey question whose only options are “agree” and “disagree” is considered a validity issue.

Question 45

Which of the following is NOT an example of a primary data source?

Question 46

Which of the following techniques will help to improve validity of a questionnaire?

Question 47

A logic model attempts to convey visually the connection between program activities and the program’s desired outcome.

Question 48

A dependent variable:

Question 49

In program evaluation, the null hypothesis states that there is a difference between O1 and O2.

Question 50

Outreach workers from the Cease Fire program spent a total of 500 combined hours with program participants during the first year of program implementation. This is an example of which service utilization output?

1. Read the following case descriptions.

2. Assess the information you have about each person or family. Write out observations about the cases.

3. Decide which problems need to be worked on first, second, third, etc.

4. Discuss how you chose a particular service. Why was it appropriate? Where did you find out about it? (You may use services other than the directory for this question.)

5. If you cannot find a service, you have discovered a “gap in services”. What kind of organization do you recommend to address the “gap in service” issue?


Mr. A and his family are political refugees from Ethiopia who have recently arrived in your city. Mr. A and wife have 4 children ages 4, 9, 12, and 15. They live in an apartment near Grand and I-44. The family needs to learn English.

Mr. A needs a job, Mrs. A wants contact with other refugees from Ethiopia, and the children need shoes and clothes for school. They have no car and must rely on public transportation.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith, age 70, have a 24-year-old son with an identified emotional disability who has not been able to hold a job. They would like to find an organization(s) that can help them.

Are concerned about how he can support himself and how he can eventually live on his own. Live in the southern part of the city or county.

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