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Criminal Justice Essay Example 1

250 Words Each

  1. Fort Huachuca is a United States Army installation located 15 miles north of the Mexican border in southeast Arizona. U.S. customs and border protection agents stationed at Fort Huachuca are responsible for steering aircrafts without human pilots along the Mexican/Arizona border. The drones are considered a cost-effective alternative to policing international borders in search of illegal immigrants.

Increased attention to border security combined with budget-cuts stemming from the U.S. economic downturn has resulted in ongoing pressure to take a cost-effective approach to law enforcement. The use of drones as a force multiplier in an era of budget cuts is especially important when considering the size of the southern border and the problems associated with illegal immigration. Considering what you have learned about the major problems affecting law enforcement in Chapter 2, and based on some independent research, please answer the following:

What other crime fighting missions are police agencies using unmanned aerial surveillance (Drones)? Does the use of unmanned aerial surveillance violate the constitutional rights of Americans, whether used at the border, or for routine surveillance of potential criminal activity?

Criminal Justice Assignment

250 Words EACH

  1. In January 2002, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed Raymond Walter Kelly for a second term as the commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD). Kelly was the longest serving police commissioner (2002-2013) and the first person to hold the post for two non-consecutive terms.

Kelly led the investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center terrorist attack, introduced the 9mm semi-automatic pistol for police officers, and contributed to a significant decline in the number of murders committed each year. You have been appointed the new commissioner of the Newsmith Police Department. Newsmith is a suburban city 60 miles from NY City; it has a population of 30,000 people and a police department of 100 officers.

Criminal Justice

The major police problems in Newsmith are disorderly teens making unnecessary noise at night, parking and traffic problems in the commercial district during business hours, and daytime residential burglaries. The former commissioner’s assistant tells you that the department has no organizational chart, no written rules and procedures, and “has always done a great job in the past.”

The city manager, however, tells you that the former commissioner was incompetent and that the department is totally disorganized and ineffective. You review the department’s personnel records and find that of the 100 officers in the department, 30 percent are patrol officers, 30 percent are detectives, and 40 percent are supervisors. Considering what you have learned about the structure of American police departments in Chapter 3, please answer the following scenario questions:

Would you reorganize the department? Why or why not? If you would reorganize, how would you do it?

Digital Marketing Course Essay Example 2

This assignment will require research using our course materials and other information that you obtain. If you take these assignments seriously, your research will supplement the course materials so that the class is studying the very latest emarketing tools and techniques.

Social Media Assignments

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • You will select one of the social media above; you will write a three-to five-page paper on the contribution the selected social medium has made to e-marketing, providing recommendations on ways this contribution can be increased.
  • Use ideas from our textbook and Internet research sources to help justify your assessment and recommendations.

Individual Social Media Assignment

The sections for the paper are:

  1. Executive summary: Overview of key points and recommendations to be derived from the paper. Include a SWOT analysis in an Appendix.
  2. History of the social medium and where it is headed: Who started it? How? Why? How fast has it grown? Did it replace other Internet applications for users, or is it incremental? Does it deliver brand-building and/or lead generation for e-marketers? What is the outlook and impact on e-marketing?
  3. Current and future target audiences and core users: Who and how many of them are using this now? Has it changed? If so, why? Who is projected to use this in the future? How can emarketing best be used to reach these users?
  4. Competition: Who are they now, and who are they projected to be in the future? Why? Include both direct competition (at a minimum, the social media other study groups are writing on and others listed below) and indirect competition (this could be another type of medium, such as TV or radio) that can affect usage or profits in a major way. For direct and indirect competition, at a minimum include the following:
Individual Social Media Assignment (25 percent of final grade)
  • Facebook (Myspace, LinkedIn, Meetup, Ning, Google+ ) – focus on individual and group-oriented social media
  • Twitter (SMS/MMS text messaging, Tumblr) – focus on short, concise social messaging and microblogging
  • YouTube (Justin.tv, UStream.tv, Vine, Vimeo) – focus on social video
  • Pinterest (Flickr, Picasa, Instagram) – focus on social photography
  1. Profitable business models: Is the social medium profitable? How and why? If not, what does it need to do to become profitable? If so, how might it need to change to improve profitability?
  2. SWOT analysis (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) for selected social medium and its one closest competitor. For all sections, include comments on the impact, opportunity, and challenges for e-marketing the social medium to its users as well as how other organizations can use the social medium as an e-marketing tool with their users.

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