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BDI211 BOOSTING CREATIVITY Task brief & rubrics

Create the best INNOVATION TEAM for an imaginary company.

Define the kind of company you are working for (technological. startup. service-oriented. any sort of company you can fool familiar with). Your team has the responsibility to create a turbo-.t innovation team for this company.

You need hobo-IS profiles. Consider the 10 faces of innovation (sessions 9 & 10) as profiles interesting to take into account. Remember you can only hire 5 people. so try to think of personalities that can assume more than one role (p.c. collaborator & storyteller) Describe their personality. what are their skills. why do you consider them interesting to be part of this innovation team.

Use concepts such as: people oriented. analytical. problem solver, divergent/convergent mindset,… Identify public figures as representatives of each one of the profiles. Justify why did you select them.

Expected table of contents:

  • Team names
  • Description of the company
  • Profiles considered
  • Public figures (representatives of each profile chosen)
  • Conclusion

Visual presentation of your work (images, tables, graphics. icons) will be considered in grading. Deliver it in a PDF format via Moodie. One document per team.

Submission: Week 8 — Via Moodie (Turnitin). July 1, 23:00h. Weight: This task is a 6096 of your total grade for this subject.

it assesses the following learning outcomes:

  • Use your creativity. Dare to imagine an unknown situation and assume a responsibility that needs to be solved with creativity.
  • After the work done in class focused on helping the student identify their strengths, they are now asked to show they understood how all profiles are important and how they can complement each other.
  • Students must land concepts such as identifying different skills & personalities (10 faces of innovation) and the importance of their complementarity.
  • Selecting is sacrificing. Out of 10 different roles, students must prioritize 5 and justify the selection.

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