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Conflict Management Essay Sample





Conflict Management

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Describe the setting, the people involved, the emotions experienced, and the outcome.

In the workplace, conflict can be caused by a variety of factors, including hostility, negative feelings and attitudes, antagonism, violence, rivalry, and misunderstanding. As a consequence of this, it is frequently associated with situations in which two groups of individuals have interests that are in direct opposition to one another. When two or more persons or groups have a disagreement about anything, one of them will try to force their perspective on the other(s).

In the days leading up to Christmas of the previous year, I got into a disagreement with a colleague who worked in the office department where I did. I was sitting right across from her at a desk as I worked on some patient data, and we were in the same room. She had just gotten back from a trip to see her sick grandmother in Los Angeles, a trip that she had intended to just stay until Tuesday but ended up lasting much longer. She had informed me earlier that morning that her grandma’s condition had worsened, and that as a result, she would need to continue to remain for another two days. This was due to the fact that she was unable to go. The problem is that she did not inform the HR manager or ask for authorization before making such a statement in public. I explained to the HR manager, who had asked me why she hadn’t shown up at our office, that she had just returned from spending time with her sick grandmother. She had been away for a while.

Later on that afternoon, she was the recipient of a phone call in which she was informed that she had been suspended from work for one week due to her failure to obtain permission prior to taking time off from her job. She became very angry with me and yelled many abuses at me as a result of the fact that I was unable to assist her in any way. After I worked myself up into a furious state, I began to yell back at her. We insulted one another with vicious epithets until our employees flocked around the window and the door. After that, the head of our department brought an end to the conflict by inviting the two of us to his office and telling us that yelling at each other would not be productive.

Provide insight into how the situation could have been handled better by referencing the textbook and an outside source.

We could have avoided getting into a quarrel over the issue if we had discussed it in a level-headed manner without resorting to shouting at one another. When I didn’t try to cover up for a coworker, I should have recognized that I had made a mistake and accepted responsibility for it. According to Winkler, the first step toward conflict resolution and avoidance is to admit that you have a role in the problem’s source if it is directly tied to you. This is the first step toward both resolving the dispute and avoiding it (2018). Due to the fact that neither of us could stand the other or control our anger, we were unable to reach a compromise. According to McLean (2018), individuals ought to steer clear of making judgments or delivering speeches while they are in an angry state (A Lust for Life. (2020). There was no need for either one of us to feel anger in order to take complete responsibility for the circumstance.


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