E-Business Technology

E-Business Technology

Develop an online Computers & Accessories selling system. In this e-business application, it

should contain most of the fundamental functions for the computers & accessories store: product

display (Laptops, Desktops, iPads & Tablets, Software, Printers & Office, Accessories, Network

& Storage, Upgrades), shopping-cart, online survey, etc. In addition, you will implement some

applications for “Frequent Items”, “Related Products”, “Choose Your Language”, and

“Currencies” which will involve using some data-mining technologies of the database.

Technology and E-Commerce


There are three major implements: a client-side scripting, a server-side scripting and a database.

Initially, you will use JavaScript, DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to validate client

input and create a more dynamic Website, PHP will be used to implement server-side scripting

which allows the server to create and send dynamic contents to the client, and you will use

MySQL database and SQL to implement data mining and decision support tasks.

To develop the e-business system, you can use a third party tool called osCommerce

(http://www.oscommerce.com/) as a template. This system is a highly customized solution using

osCommerce. The system also has the rich UI and admin control panel with reporting features.

The system is for the client to enable quick and easy product sales integration, cataloging,

product fulfillment, shopping cart, order management and credit card processing (or Paypal

Express Checkout). It uses an indexed database and can handle a large number of products; also

it supports a wide range of credit-card processors and shipping services.

JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, XML, JSP, PHP, MySQL and JDBC, osComerce.


Last Updated on February 11, 2019