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Hardware and Software Needs

This deliverable will examine your ability to create a plan to address the hardware and software needs of an organization.


Complete the deliverable by adhering to the following:

Download and read the Nozama Information Sheet
Address Nozama’s hardware and software needs by creating a document in three parts:
Servers Needed
Desktops/ Laptops Needed
Software Needed
Include the following information in each part
What server/ desktop or laptop/ software is needed
Where you will acquire the server/ desktop or laptop/ software
How much it will cost
A rationale for your decision
Present the document in a way that is appropriate for the workplace

Nozama Information Sheet



You are in the process of creating Nozema, an e-commerce book retailer. Your experience from computer networking courses in college gives you the confidence to tackle this project yourself, andalong the way you will tackle issues related to MIS framed through the fictional retailer.

About Nozama

Nozama will focus on selling new and used books. Beyond strictly selling physical copies, a major part of your business will be allowing customers to get “online” in your store and download books. This process will be addressed in classes that you plan to offer on downloading books and setting them up on any device. To do so, you will need to design and build a network and computing solution for your business. After having done some initial planning, you have decided on starting with 100 initial items and growing items as business increases.


Company Needs

You have identified the following requirements for your network:

  1. One office computer and one server used for sales services and classes on your website.
  2. A backup server to capture data in case of a disaster
  3. Two dedicated networks: for computers and for the servers
  4. Centralized management and control of the computers so that you can maintain the network from off-site
  5. Adequate security for all company communication and documents
  6. Protection for all services
  7. Segmented general network access
  8. Top drawer speed
  9. Available capacity to use as the company grows

Additionally, the following needs ought to be addressed as you develop your MIS strategy:

  1. Drafting a company history
  2. Developing a company mission statement
  3. Expanding to selling additional items
  4. Providing clients the ability to view all books online
  5. Providing customers with a general information website
  6. Creating a second, secure, Website through which clients can buy services and products
  7. Providing for limited downtime (24 hour downtime maximum)
  8. Long-term costs
  9. Hiring and training additional employees, all of whom will work from home.

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