Mice tourism

Case study: An example of how an international destination develops its strategy to deal with the impact of MICE tourism on the destinations(mainly on negative aspects) .

The requirement for this assignment is to give a case of a specific tourist destination.

First identify an obvious MICE destination as a case.Write an easy-to-understand article about 300 words, answer and satisfy each of the following requirements, and summarize each requirement point, such as negative 1:… , negative 2: …… The topic is about mice tourism


  1. Introduce the destination situation and show the particularity and obviousness of the destination in MICE tourism
  2. The impact of MICE tourism (Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) on this destination, positive and negative aspects
  3. How does the destination management company (DMO) and the government respond to and solve this problem and issue?


References Requirements: at least 4 References


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