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Ethical Issues in Finance

Please write a three page, double spaced paper. Discuss multiple ethical issues in finance, avoiding situations that have already been discussed in class.

Try to find at least three ethical issues, and pick issues that present a dilemma or potentially have two sides to the argument. (For instance, blatant stealing is not a good topic because it is one-sided.)Try to present several criteria for judging the correct solution to the ethical dilemmas presented, and suggest a solution. (What is the basis for your recommendation?

What basis do you use for judging ethical issues?) Please do not suggest a solution such as “they shouldn’t do that.” Think of practical actions that can be taken to address the problem.

You do not need to focus on generating a lot of citations or quotations. Please cite any newspaper articles or other sources that you refer to, but focus on describing the situation clearly, and your own arguments and suggestions in plain, simple language. This is not a report, but an expression of your ideas, and it is not intended that you should spend time on research.

Please submit your paper as a PDF.


Last Updated on November 20, 2019

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