Research Paper Writing on Tourism

Research problem :(for info)

Lack of integrated study that integrate destination attribute, destination image , satisfaction and intention to revisit . furthermore, although political stability play critical role in building good destination image , previous studies didn’t cover it , or focused on instability . So more studies are needed to assess the role of political stability on destination image and its impact on satisfaction and intention of re-visit .

Research gap : (for info)

Pervious studies focused on destination image and satisfaction. Others on destination attributes and destination image , while less research on political instability . the gasp is to put together an integrated model , which will be considered as a first study focusing on political stability .


  • Literature review :(this order instruction)

In this section you summarize previous work that was published by other researchers , not only to show that you are aware of its existence , but also to show where you contribution will be . for example , you may wish to highlight any gaps in the literature that your own research will be attending to . Noting that the references should be only choosing from journals that is ranked as ABDC journals about 50 references. Your literature review should contain sections for each of :

  • Destination Attributes (local attraction , culture attraction, facilities / local quality of life , services, information) I will attach ref you can see the set up of DA but you need to get more ref to complete the literature review for this section.
  • Destination image ( cognitive and effective image )
  • Satisfaction
  • Intention to re-visit
  • Political stability

General note : in this section you don’t need to write hypothesis it should be literature review and the hypothesis will be in different section


Model : ( for info only)

Add this section so you can envisage how the model will be after finishing the literature review.

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