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Journal Article Critiques

Journal Article Critiques:


Your are required to keep a journal of 4 quality articles you read in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, or other publication of interest to you. The articles may be business or personally based. What is most important is you choose articles of interest to you and in which you can relate something to quality.


The article topic may be either a product or service or something else entirely (e.g. politics). The rationale behind allowing you to choose any type of publications lies in the idea of your learning that quality issues are everywhere from top notch academic journals to Cosmopolitan magazine.


We each confront such issues every day (e.g. do you look in the mirror before you leave the house? You are checking at least one aspect of quality.).


This journal should NOT be a summary of the article as I am going to read the article, so you needn’t summarize it.


What you should do is

1)State what you learned from the article and/or your reaction to the article


2)Directlyrelate as many aspects of the article to quality as you can, by being as specific as you can and


3)Relate the article to quality tools (if no quality tools were used, take your best guess as to what quality tools could/should have been used.


These are your impressions, so be critical and thoughtful. You may bring in anecdotal evidence; simply label it such. You are welcome to have any opinion you like, please back it up with rationale.


Please include all appropriate bibliographic references in APA format.  Please do number sections 1, 2, and 3 so that it eases my grading. (Thank you kindly!)


Also remember to scan and upload the article – I will need full attachment of articles to go with each impression.


Last Updated on February 15, 2018

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