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Autism and Bilingualism Article Review


Bilingualism/SLA Article Summary Requirements
1) Find one recent (post-2005) research article on the topic of bilingualism or second-language acquisition (SLA) that is of interest to you (professional, personal, etc.). UW Subject Librarians can help you find journals and articles online. The article can be from any scientific journal as long as it adheres to the peer-review process. Book chapters, newspaper articles, and popular magazine articles are not acceptable. The article must report on a research study- no review articles or strictly theoretical papers will be accepted. The research study can be experimental or observational, and can report on a basic research or applied (clinical, educational) question. The article must have an introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections.
2) Read and summarize the article using the following format. Your summary should be no more than 3 pages double-spaced (Section B students, see your Info Booth for the requirements).
a) Why did you choose this article? How does it connect to your practice, your interests? Why should we (i.e., your peers) read it? (one to two paragraphs)
Personal Interest: my grandson has been diagnosed with Autism recently, I’m a fourth grade teacher and have students in my class with this diagnoses, and I wanted a better understanding of what my daughter and parents of the students I have worked with and will work with in the future.
b) Summarize the main purpose of the study and the specific research questions/predictions addressed by the study (limit to one paragraph)
c) Summarize the methods section. Include a description of the research participants’ demographics, the experimental measures given or observations taken (one paragraph)
d) Provide an overall summary of what the authors found (results) (one paragraph)
e) Summarize the authors’ conclusion (one paragraph)



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