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World War I or World War II

Write a paper on a military topic, specifically either an aspect of an American war, a specific battle, a troop or battalion, or a particular soldier or veteran. The time frame should be after the Civil War.Students may choose a specific aspect or topic from any of the following conflicts and/or periods.

Students may need to be reminded that they are to focus on their chosen specific area and should not try to cover the entire conflict. Students may write about some other conflict or period with the instructor’s permission.

The Spanish-American War
U.S. Invasion of Panama
World War I
Persian Gulf War
World War II
Invasion of Afghanistan
The Korean War
Invasion of Iraq
The Bay of Pigs Invasion
Vietnam War
Bosnian War

Keep in mind that an entire war itself is too broad of a topic to cover in this paper. If you are a veteran or know someone who has served, perhaps an interview and account of their experiences would be a good paper. Within many of these wars were specific instances which would also make for a good paper.

You will need to use at least three credible sources (not counting the text) to research your topic and write a 700-word (minimum) paper using proper writing format. In-text citations and a reference page are required.

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