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Complementary characters from George Orwell’s

Discuss Winston and Julia as complementary characters from George Orwell’s

Write an essay considering Julia and Winston as complementary characters. Discuss how they differ in terms of their morality and ethical views, their feelings about history, and their political values. Take care to illustrate your arguments with quotations from the text.

The characters should be spoken about as complementary and not in comparison. There should be an opening and a clear thesis with the 3 points you will talk about. The essay should have just 5 paragraphs with an intro, 3 arguments, and conclusion. Think of the main topic as what Winston and Julia are able to do together that they would not have been able to do on their own.

Please refer to the attached essay which is the old one. The teachers comments are attached and must be fixed, the essay needs a lot of fixing as the question is not even being answered.

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