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The aim of this project is to conduct an audit to assess the effectiveness of a service organisation’s marketing strategy. Begin by identifying a service organisation of your choice on which to base your findings (e.g. retail outlet, bank, hotel etc.), making sure that you are familiar with the organisation and that you can source sufficient information to undertake a detailed marketing analysis of the company.

You will then conduct the audit under the following areas:

  1. Characteristics of Services (1-2 pages)

Based on chapter 1, outline how the organisation works to overcome the unique challenges of the characteristics of services (intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability & perishability) via its marketing efforts.

  1. Customer Expectations (1-2 pages)

Using Table 3.1 on pg. 62, chapter 3 of your text outline how the organisation influences customer expectations using the following: explicit service promises, temporary service intensifiers, self-perceived service role & WOM communications.

  1. Customer Perceptions of Service (2-3 pages)

Assess the effectiveness of the organisation using the five dimensions of service quality outlined in chapter 4, namely Empathy, Responsiveness, Reliability, Assurance & Tangibles.

  1. Building Customer Relationships (1-2 pages)

Discuss the effectiveness or otherwise of the organisation’s efforts to build relationships using switching barriers, financial bonds and social bonds (explanations of each outlined in chapter 7).

  1. Service Innovation & Design (1-2 pages)

Using the guidelines in chapter 8 and the accompanying online video tutorial, design a blueprint for the organisation.

  1. The Physical & Virtual Servicescape (2-3 pages)

From a customer point of view, describe and assess the effectiveness of the environmental dimensions of the physical servicescape (ambient conditions, space/function + signs/symbols & artefacts) as outlined in chapter 10 and the accompanying online video tutorial.

  1. Conclusions & Recommendations (1-2 pages)

N.B. For each task, be sure to supply ample supporting evidence


The project will be assessed according to presentation, review and analysis, as well as persuasive impact as follows:
  • Discussion, Critical Analysis, Findings & Recommendations: (2/3)
  • Presentation (1/3): organisation, structure, flow, sentence construction, word usage, grammar, punctuation, page numbering, and complete, accurate referencing where required.


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