1984 or life of Galileo

1984 or life of Galileo


In 2.5 – 3 pages SINGLE SPACED write about the following texts: Bertolt Brecht’s The Life of Galileo or George Orwell’s 1984, in which you examine some of the ways in which the text deals with either the issue of truth, knowledge, facts, reality, imagination, the future or history its own literary style.


Both texts have characters who run up against entrenched power structures as they struggle to find a truth beyond what they are merely told by the powers of their time. Both protagonists have great hopes for the future and expectations for a new age to be born. But unfortunately, rather than being met with success, face profound disappointments.



But could there be an alternative ending? Do you think the characters from your selected text did all they could within their circumstances or was their room for a new world with the endless possibilities freedom from exploitation, food insecurity, poverty and war? Where in the text do you see room for an alternative? If not, explain why? What were some the circumstances which effectively stopped the protagonist? What make you think they were “effective”? Explain why?



Construct an argument to support your answer. Include examples from the text and examine the ways in which the main characters contend, or not, with their realities. What are those realities? With evidence from the text, give reasons for why you think there could or could not be an alternative.


Be sure to quote the text to show that you understand the text as well as demonstrate effective use of text to support and illustrate your argument, claims and or point. Feel free to include other readings to help support your argument?








  1. 2.5-3 full pages single spaced
  2. Heading



-Professor }Single-space

-Assignment due date

  1. Paper Title
  2. Working thesis (Put a the end of the introductory paragraph)
  3. single-spaced
  4. Works Cited pages
  5. Pagination (Match body font.)
  6. MLA format style


1984 or life of Galileo

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