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Causes & Effects essay based on the model essay by Amy Chua

Assignment Purpose:

Write a Causes & Effects essay based on the model essay by Amy Chua. Such an essay may
compare and contrast two fictional characters.

Write a 1200-word essay (minimum 6 paragraphs) that demonstrates your ability to do the

Identify similar and dissimilar qualities and characteristics between two fictional

Formulate and support a thesis statement that follows the claim + because + reason

Offer interesting examples, details, and figurative language to support the thesis

Organize the essay by opening with a HOOK (attention grabbing first sentence), followed
by the THESIS as the last sentence of the introduction paragraph

at least
four body paragraphs

Conclude the essay by summarizing the body, restating the thesis, or asserting your
overall argument described in the essay

Contain absolutely NO ERRORS in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.
Writing Topic:

Compare and contrast two fictional characters to support a larger argument
. Simply
identifying how these two characters are similar and different will not be enough; you
must explain these characters in a way that advances a theme.

Potential themes: Coming of age, Leadership, Materialism, Virtues or Complications of
Patriotism, Nature, War, Bravery, Feminism, Inner Peace, Jealousy, Logic, Truth, Justice,
Survival, Individuality, Arrogance, Freedom, Wealth, Wisdom, Willpower, Technology,
or a different theme that you think of that gets approval by the instructor.
Length and Format:
Essays should be about 1,200 words (minimum 6 paragraphs), typed, double-spaced, using 12
point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all sides. All papers must be submitted as a
Word Document file. Papers that are not submitted as Word Document files will be receive a 0%


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