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How to write the ecg lab report



First of all, at the top of the first page, please put your name, the course number, your instructor’s name, and the date the paper is due. Please save a few trees, do not use cover sheets or blank pages to organize your report. Also, make sure to use an easily readable font.




Second, the title is very important. It will be several phrases (not sentences) long. It should include the processes studied. Also, it should include ALL variables studied (temperature, pressure, substances, voltage, etc.). Think about computer searches and how a general word or phrase will generate millions of matches. You want the title to be specific to just a few possible matches.


INTRODUCTION (20 POINTS) – Subtitle must appear in the paper


Third, define relevant terms to your experiment in the introduction. Do not use bullets or glossary format. Also define the words as you use them in the paragraphs about the experiment.


Also state the hypothesis in the introduction. A good hypothesis is testable, specific to the experiment conducted, and should explain what you expect will happen to one variable when a second variable is altered.



Subtitle must appear in the paper


Furthermore, using Lab Tutor & AD Instruments (don’t forget to cite), briefly explain what equipment was used and also the steps that you did.


RESULTS (30 POINTS) – Subtitle must appear in the paper


Moreover, the results section includes the graphs generated.  You may also wish to write other observations made that are not represented in the printouts. Make a data table to summarize data (all subjects’ data in one table). Be careful not to analyze data here.  Remember to clearly label (title and units) tables and graphs.


DISCUSSION (30 POINTS) – Subtitle must appear in the paper


The discussion is the section where you analyze data. Do your results support or reject the hypothesis you stated in the introduction?


Use the questions posed during the instructions for the lab. Do not ask the question and then answer it. Discuss your results making sure to emphasize those points.


This is where you may include information from other relevant sources. Make sure that you site any information that you discuss.


Sometimes weird things happen. This section is where you discuss any problems that may have occurred. If it is beyond your control


(Computer program glitches) make sure you talk about it in this section otherwise, you may lose points.


Sometimes when you finish experiments, you may have more questions that were not covered. These make great suggestions for further research. The ability to form questions is a part of the scientific method.




Subtitle must appear in the paper


Finally, cite the sources (minimum of three) of any material used to support this report. Use CSE format. For a thorough list of examples of this format, please use the following web site.

HOW TO WRITE THE ECG LAB REPORT (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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