Autonomous driving

What new technology or procedure is starting to make waves in your discourse community? Evaluate the technology or procedure to determine if its worth the trouble of implementation.

The goal of this paper is multifaceted:
First, you are to establish a need for your paper. What is currently in place as a process or work around? How is this a problem? For example, today’s hotels have standard key card access which can result in patrons losing the access card outside of their room. With smart door locks, people can use their smartphone to unlock their door.

Next, you’ll need to explain the technology or process so that someone not familiar with it can understand how it works. This is the explanatory analysis portion of the paper

Then, you’ll spend time arguing for the technology/process by providing supports which are the benefits of the technology/process.

Also, you’ll provide some counter arguments which tap into the flaws of the technology or reasons behind why someone would not want to purchase the product/start the process. (opt cost/safety)

That is the argumentative analysis portion of your paper.

You’ll end with a conclusion which evaluates the necessity for the new process/technology.

With this paper, you will want to do some research on what is new in your field. You will want to cite this research internally and create a reference page for it. (Minimum of 2 Sources)(1 pg)

When writing your paper, you will want to consider these things:

How is my lead?
Do I explain the technical concept in a way that a caveman gets it?
Am I clear on why this technology/process is better than what is currently in place?
Am I accommodating/refusing my counter arguments?
Is my conclusion a strong finish?

Last Updated on February 21, 2018

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