Virtual BP lab report


Using the data recorded with this simulation, write a proper lab report that includes all of the appropriate sections: ‘TITLE PAGE’, ‘INTRODUCTION’, ‘MATERIALS AND METHODS’, ‘RESULTS’, ‘DISCUSSION’ and ‘REFERENCES’. Refer to the ‘Lab Report Format’ document that is available on BlackBoard, and make sure to follow the attached rubric. It will be used to grade your lab report.

There are specific experimental questions to answer in the Journal section of the lab. You need to include the information from these questions in the body of the lab report. Some may fit into the Introduction and some fits better in your Discussion – your choice. DO NOT fill in the questions and add them to the report.

As part of your write up, you will have to reproduce the table and graph generated by the simulation. Use Microsoft WORD and EXCEL to do this, and incorporate them into your lab report. DO NOT attach them as separate sheets, and DO NOT use screenshots from your computer. Using MICROSOFT OFFICE products is an important skill for your future career.

Once your lab report is completed, please upload an electronic copy through the link on BlackBoard. This electronic version (MICROSOFT WORD or .pdf version only) must be submitted by 6pm on Monday night. This file should be uploaded as an attachment, not as a link to an external site (ie, no links to OneNote or DropBox).

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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