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The state of American popular music today

American Popular Music Today

Just what is Popular Music and what is its “state” today? Music is judged to be popular based upon the amount of sales (and, highly unfortunately, illegal downloads, among other things…..). Read about, research, and listen to “Popular Music”, especially in reference to today’s popular music .

It’s quite possible that you are not a listener to this, so do some reading and listening to popular music.… many websites have free audio samples to listen to…Get knowledgeable about Popular Music AND use this paper to share your opinions about the topic of American Popular Music Today and BACK YOUR OPINIONS UP WITH RESEARCH.

American Popular Music Today

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is the state of popular music today? Is it good , bad , or somewhere in-between?
  2. Is there a dominant style of popular music? If so, what is it?
  3. In the realm of popular music, are there any performers or bands that you think will have artistic longevity?
  4. Will you be listening to what you are listening to now in ten years? 20 years? 30 years? even 40 years from now?
  5. Where do you hear/find out about music that is new-to-you ?

In the course of your essay, answer the five questions listed above. You will be stating your opinions in much of the paper. I ask that you back up what you say with research. You will find many scholarly websites that support your positions.

It would be pertinent, as well, to answer questions that arise in your mind as you write your essay. For example, in preparing your assignment this question came to my mind: What is the place of in today’s music world? What about Pandora; Spotify? Surely there are others….Are there better outlets for you to find music? Which ones?

Length: 3 (minimum) to 5 pages of content. (600 to 1000 words). Content does not include title pages, illustrations, photos, or sources list. 3 to 5 pages of content means no less than

Sources: You need to consult at least five different sources.They may all be internet-based. Print sources are welcome, too. You will need a separate Sources List . Put the list of your source items in the order that you used them. Please be sure to credit all your sources in the text. For example: .your statement… (Smith, p.32). You must do this for ALL the information you gather.

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