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Art homework helper

Visual Art Discussion

  1. Using the materials in Week 2 Learning Resources, list and define two specific tools, vocabulary, concepts, or techniques that you can use to analyze and talk about visual art. Make sure to use your own words and avoid cutting and pasting from the sources. Make sure to cite any of the learning resources you use in your answer in MLA format. Directions: Please follow Sample/Example post
    1. Spot jocking – when a graffiti artist puts their work up on a surface close to the work of another popular graffiti artist in order to get more attention.
    2. Opposition – the use of visual concepts/images etc. that are contrasting in the same piece of work.

    Insert MLA citations for all of the sources you use from the Week 2 Learning Resources here.

    Learning Resources:

    1. View this narrated PowerPoint presentation as an historical overview of ideas guiding the visual arts in the Western world from Ancient Greece to the present day. It is meant to be an entry into the Humanities 100 session on the visual arts. A PDF transcript is available.

    Historical Overview of Ideas Guiding the Visual Arts in the Western World: From Plato to the Present Day.

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