Formal Analysis Assignment

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ART 1301: FORMAL ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Formal Analysis Assignment ART 1301 July 1, 2020 The Pink Robe. After the Bath Joaquin Sorolla, 1916 Formal Analysis Assignment For this assignment, I chose to analyze The Pink Robe. After the Bath by Joaquin Sorolla. Art … Continued

Blind Contour Art Drawing

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Blind Contour Art Many Renaissance artists sketched preliminary studies for larger works. These drawings were studies from life: a bird wing, the profile of a face, light and shadow on fabric, etc. This practice of looking in detail, followed by … Continued

Theater Viewpoints

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Theater Viewpoints Assignment Q 1. Viewpoints Choose a Design Medium Watch the following three videos. Using your personal experience and what the experts in the videos say, make a case for which design element makes the most significant contribution to … Continued

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