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Analyzing a genre of popular Music from culture

Analyzing a genre of popular Music from culture.

This is a final paper for Mus 114 in UCSB. It need to read some articles and connect to the topic we discussed in class. The reading essays and my notes will be upload later.

ost important, in this essay you must put the musical practices you write about in the context of the history and the issues that we have covered in this course. Therefore, a significant portion of your research will be the course readings, lectures, sections and listening assignments. You must reference substantially and cite at least two sources from the required and/or recommended reading. In addition, you may cite information presented in lectures and discussion sections if you find it pertinent to your paper. Please review the “Source Citation” handout provided on GauchoSpace for preferred citation style. You must include a References Cited list (bibliography) at the end of your essay.

My paper must have a clear topic statement. Your paper must contain descriptive, cultural, historical detail. Your paper must also contain cogent, thoughtful analysis. If you choose to write about music or musicians that are covered specifically in the lectures, readings or sections, you must be sure to go beyond the details presented in the course.

Some questions you might address include: Does this music repeat any trend(s) we have covered in this course? What issues addressed in this course apply to this music in some way and how? What does it have in common with Tin Pan Alley, minstrelsy, rhythm & blues, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, protest music, subculture, etc.?

Make sure to give your essay a sensible title, keep your writing focused, support yourself with examples, and communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. Writing essentials like spelling, grammar, organization and style are of utmost importance.

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