Latin American Music

Write a two page essay in MLA from the outline below and include references. Provide some references below but others can be included.




  1.              Topic 1: Latin American Music is made up of many different genres that have been influenced from different places from all over the world.


  1.     Latin American music is composed of many different types of sounds and styles, which is further identified into different sub-genres of Latin American music.
  2.                       One of the most famous sub-genres includes Salsa.
  3.                       Another popular sub-genre of Latin American music is the Tango.
  4.     History of genres in Latin America music
  5.                       Latin music is one of the positive outcomes that occurred in the Americas after the arrival of Columbus.
  6.            Latin music is defined by Spanish and Portuguese languages and beats brought over by African slaves.


  1.            Topic 2: (Famous Singers and Composers) There are many famous Latin singers and composers that have influenced the Latin music industry.


  1.     Famous Singers and Composers
  2.                       Famous singers like Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony, Christian Perez (Pitbull) and composers Tania Leon and Felipe Lara have made a major impact on Latin American music.
  3.                       These Latin singers and composers have changed the Latin American music and culture in a positive way.

iii.                      Latin singers and composers have be nominated and won Grammy, Alama, Lifetime Achievement awards and some have received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.





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