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The movie “Rhapsody in Blue” (1945)

The movie “Rhapsody in Blue” (1945) is about the life of George Gershwin. It’s a great movie even if it’s in black and white and one of the actors/singers from that time period is Al Jolson and Oscar Levant. It’s available on YouTube.

Make sure you pick the movie and not Gershwin Playing “Rhapsody in Blue” which is one of his compositions, though watching Gershwin play his own music is pretty amazing.

After you’ve watched the movie, answer the following questions about Gershwin life according to the film:

What do you think of his choice to go with jazz music versus staying with classical?

Do you know of any popular artists who started in one genre but switched to a completely different genre?

What do you think of Gershwin’s music?

Some pieces are more “classical” than others. Do you have a favorite? For example, “Summertime” is the most popular piece of music by Gershwin and has been sung and recorded by hundreds of artists since Gershwin wrote it.

The movie “Rhapsody in Blue” (1945)

The movie “Rhapsody in Blue” (1945)

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