TED Talks

Important Details:

  • Format your reference section and references used according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, an introduction, a conclusion and references.
  • Reviewsegment one of the TED Talks video and choose one presenter to focus your assignment on.
  • Citeyour reference to support your assignment. Use the resources in the University Library to ensure you have correctly cited your references.
  • Complete the sections below in a written, APA style 600-word (minimum, over 600 is fine) paper.Use APA internal headers named to match the sections below (see purple font).

What you need to write about:

Topic of the research

What did the researcher choose as their topic- what is the topic about?

Importance of the Topic

The researcher mentions why this is important to them, tell us about this.

Data Collection

What did they use? Where did they do this?

Research Results

What did the researcher find after collecting and analyzing their data

How a health care or health services administrator can use the research to improve their organization

How could you apply this to a medical organization to benefit the organization, the patients or both?


Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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