Research Project Assignment

For this course, the research paper will be a blend of academic principals covered in the course as well as practical projects that relate to those principles. This is designed to provide a greater environment of learning through the actual exercise of creating a comprehensive security assessment.

To complete this:

1.) Please pick three to five of the topics covered in the course. These can be items such as physical design, barriers (physical or protective), lighting, alarms, video, fences, and security personnel etc.

2.) Next pick an established entity and compare and contrast what exists in this structure with what was learned in this course. If lighting is one of the three choices for your research project, state the issues associated with such a deficiency.

3.) Propose a remedy to this problem to the structure you choose. Now conduct the same examination for the other two topics you choose for your structure.
Approximately one to two pages should be done on each topic, site and topic specific. The total paper/project should be six to eight pages.

A minimum of three scholarly references and a minimum of six citations from these references are required. Your text may, and in fact should be one of these sources. Articles presented in class as well as your own research may also be used.

This can be submitted in a research paper type of format or more like a security survey/audit.

Paper guidelines:

Papers should always be typed (12 font- Arial or Calibri with 1 ½ margins. Written portions should be in an appropriate APA format.
Scholarly resources ONLY, Wikipedia, or similar sources are unacceptable sources.
Papers should always have title pages listing name, assignment, date, course, & instructor. The cover page and reference pages do not count as part of the required pages.
All pages should be numbered correctly.
Use correct grammar and spell words correctly.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019