Response to the chief operating officer’s (COO)

Imagine your manager has asked you to help prepare a response to the chief operating officer’s (COO) assertion that electronic medical records (EMR) technology is not critical for the health care organization.

Important Details:

Format your reference section and references used according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, an introduction, a conclusion and references.
Review class literature and non-class resources to address the questions below
Cite your reference to support your assignment. Use the resources in the University Library to ensure you have correctly cited your references. Three peer- reviewed sources are required.
Complete the sections below in a written, APA style 1,000-word (minimum, over 1,000 is fine) paper. Use APA internal headers named to match the sections below (see purple font).

What you need to write about:

Electronic Medical Record

What is an EMR?

The importance of using the EMR in the healthcare setting

Why is the EMR important in healthcare, why in a healthcare setting?

Influence and Importance of Stakeholders

What is a stakeholder in healthcare? How do they influence healthcare? Why are they important

Last Updated on February 11, 2019