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Sponsorship Project Written and Video Speech


You are a sport organization. You have to come up with an organization to approach/target to be a sponsor. You will create a sponsorship plan to pitch to the targeted organization. This will include pricing, components of sponsorship, evaluation, etc. You will have a short time to sell us on that idea in your video presentation. You will then turn in a written piece with your presentation.


Full written proposal (see below)
7-minute presentation
Sell the class, the target sponsor, on why we should purchase sponsorship.

Written Proposal (100 points)

Although sponsorship proposals vary from organization to organization and differ according to the company being approached, here are some general elements most sponsorship proposals include:

Introductory Letter (10 points) – The proposal should start with a cover letter that briefly introduces your organization and what you have to offer. A good cover letter encourages the sponsor to take the time to read and listen to the proposal.

Sponsorship Overview (10 points) – You should have a section that highlights the key elements of the partnership emphasizing the benefits that the sponsor will realize from aligning with the organization or event. The proposal should be clearly presented in relation to how the sponsorship will produce benefits for the sponsor. Some examples of things you may want to include in the executive summary are:

What are you offering the sponsor?
How is the event compatible with the sponsor’s image?
How will this sponsorship help the company access its key markets?
How will this sponsorship help the organization meet its goals and objectives?
What other benefits will this partnership produce?
Why should they spend with you in this economic time?

Profile of the Sport Organization and/or Description of the Event (20 points) – Provide information that will help the sponsor get a better understanding of your organization and your capabilities. This information should be geared toward giving reasons why they should be comfortable partnering with your organization. Some items may include:
Brief history of the organization.
Mission, goals, and objectives of the organization.
Venue location, dates, times, staffing, etc.
Inventory of events, assets and benefits.
Past attendance figures and audience profile.
Organization’s capabilities and experience in producing an event.

Sponsorship Opportunities (15 points) – The individual components of the sponsorship should be presented to the sponsor in detail. Provide information on exactly what the sponsor could derive from each sponsorship component. Provide an explanation of specific benefits and give the potential sponsor reason why they would be interested in these benefits (i.e. increased sales, product trial and exposure, media coverage and exposure, customer hospitality and promotion opportunities, etc.).

Sponsorship Investment (20 points) – List the range of prices for the sponsorship package. If you would like to present individual components of the package and price, that is acceptable.

Impact Measurement (15 points) – Detail how the sponsor’s benefits will be measured and evaluated.

Addendum – Include or attach any collateral materials that may help the sponsor make a decision. You could include information such as audience demographics, past event programs, brochures, a list of co-sponsors, etc.

Visual Appeal of Document (10 points)

Professionalism of Document (-1.5 for each proofing error; -1.0 for grammar errors)


Presentation Format (I need about 800 words speech draft)

Must be in a video format.
Tell us about your sponsorship idea.
Time is 7-minutes (1-minute buffer each way) Very strict on this time, make sure to practice!
Professional Dress Required
Format is open. Graded on:
Introduction & Closing ___/ 20
Visual/Audio/Handout ___/ 20
Energy/Enthusiasm ___/ 15
Sponsorship Overview ___/ 10
Investment ___/ 10
Impact Measurement ___/ 10
Presentation of material / Preparedness / Q&A ___/ 15

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