Non-Profit Organization Funding

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Identifying Funders and Funding Resources

For the purposes of your initial Discussion Board post, you are to identify a nonprofit organization in the field of human services. The organization can serve any population that is of interest to you. After you have identified an organization, please respond to the following statements. You will use the same organization for all of the statements that you need to address.

  1. One of the components involved with writing a grant proposal is first identifying funders that are appropriate for your organization. After summarizing the organization that you chose, determine two funders that would be appropriate for the organization. These can be federal grants, or other types of grant (such as a family foundation, community foundation, etc.). You need to identify specific funders in your answer. For example, if I have identified an organization that serves children with mental and physical disabilities in Plymouth County MA, one funder I may identify is the Edwin Phillips Foundation which offers grants for this population in this geographic area.
  2. Examine the funding resources discussed in your readings, and identify which of them you think has the most beneficial information that you would be able to use if you were writing a grant proposal for the organization that you have chosen.
  3. Illustrate how you might use the information from the resource that you identified as being most beneficial if you were writing a grant proposal for the organization that you chose.
  4. Identify at least one other organization that would be appropriate for your organization to collaborate with if a grant proposal was going to be written. The other organization that you identify does not necessarily need to be in the same geographic area, but it should be similar in terms of the population that it serves. Explain why you chose the organization to collaborate with, and incorporate into your answer some of the benefits and challenges to organizations collaborating for the purposes of writing a grant proposal.


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