Panel Project

Panel Project: 30% of the final grade

This project involves a mix of individual and group activities. The class will be assigned one comprehensive case describing a situation in a health care organization that calls for planning and leadership. You will be broken up into panels (groups) of five individuals each by Week 3 of the course. Each student will assume the role of a key member of the management of the organization described in the case. You can assign the roles within the group.

This is roles:

Chief financial officer

Part 2: Group Presentation (15% of the final grade)

Each student panel will work together to develop the solution to the case that best meets the organization’s objectives and the needs of each role. The solution will include

a statement of the organization’s objectives based on the facts of the case

an overall statement of the management challenge presented by the case

the proposal that best meets the challenge and the organization’s objectives, taking into consideration the needs of the departments represented by the student roles

a defense of the proposal

This part of the project should be a PowerPoint Presentation

Last Updated on February 11, 2019