Race & Representation

Inmate Reform article (https://howlround.com/intimate-reform)


Compare and Contrast Inmate Reform article to “The Theater of Classical Greece” attached in files.


Step 1: Briefly (i.e., in one paragraph) summarize the main point(s) of the article. This is a crucial step because summarizing the article is the best way to demonstrate you have truly understood and thought about what you read.


Step 2: After your summary, find a minimum of THREE ways you can connect the article to anything you’ve read in any ONE of the weekly lectures (“The Theater of Classical Greece”).  These connections can be ways in which you feel your article.

  1. a) reinforces/supports something in the lecture.
  2. b) contrasts with something in the lecture.
  3. c) raises questions in your mind about something in the lecture — or any combination of those three.


In other words, you are going to analyze how your article is relevant to the material covered in the lecture you have chosen. Note: The connections between your article and the lecture may not be totally obvious at first.


MLA Format 500 Words


Last Updated on March 26, 2020

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