-Read the hyperlinked article: Audience (In uploaded files)

-Watch this video:



(If the link does not work just go based on the article and power point.)

-Watch the Powerpoint: Rules and Audience (the ppt download should start automatically) (in uploaded files)

-Your task is to read the hyperlinked article, watch the video, and view the powerpoint. Then you will write three paragraphs:
1. Paragraph one summarizes the assignment; this describes the main points of the article/video/powerpoint.

2. Paragraph two is your response: what you learned, how it could influence your writing.

3. Paragraph three compares and contrasts how the topic is discussed and explained in the different media formats. How does audience and purpose affect the creation of the video, for example? Look at the fonts and styles used in the powerpoints. Examine the language of the article. Which media did you find most effective and why?

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