GDP information and what are the biggest sources of revenue in the economy

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Provide detailed GDP information for your country, including:

-Total GDP (Usually nominal only is available)

-How big their economy is (RANK if available)

– What their GDP growth rate is (%)

-GDP Per Capita (Usually nominal only is available)

– What is the biggest sector of their GDP (GDP by sector) and what % does it make up

  • ex. Agriculture, industry, services…

-Top exports and imports

– The biggest sources of revenue, ex. Investment and exports, and if their net exports are + or – (if information available)

Economic Growth:

-What is their economic growth rate? (see guide below)

· ex. Italy’s economy shrank 0.1 percent on quarter in the last three months of 2018. GDP Growth Rate in Italy averaged 0.59 percent from 1960 until 2018.

-What has been done lately to stimulate their economy? Where are they headed? Are they stagnant or do they see growth? What concerns have been expressed about their future?

-Feel free to include any other information that explains a bit about the country’s economy and what drives its growth or lack of.

  • Ex. Interesting facts about their economy (inventions, culture), how their culture affects their consumption, what are priorities to their people.
  • This is the area where you can focus on “tourism.” What makes it such a great country to live in, work in, etc.

-What their current inflation rate? What is it usually?

Unemployment information:

-Discuss rate and changes. Where there any major recent events that caused dramatic changes?

-What is the biggest employment sector, and where are jobs headed?


-GDP: Wikipedia uses the CIA world factbook. Both resources can be used, if it comes from that source.

-GDP/Econ growth/Unemployment:


-This list is the BARE MINIMUM of what is expected. Your public speaking ability, knowledge on the subject (not just reading off the slides, so please read articles on your topic), and the quality of your presentation (slides that simple to read and understand and included graphs, pictures, etc.) are important.

-This will be worked on in class AND on your free time. It is a midterm, so please treat it like so.

GDP and the Economy of Colombia

Last Updated on January 6, 2021