Political communication

Assume you are managing a political campaign or running for a political office yourself. What would be your social media strategy? Feel free to reference past or current politicians use of social media

While we focus on criticizing the media a lot in this course, please post on an individual or an organization that you believe is fair and balanced. Explain why this person or organization does a good job covering media politics.

Hilary Clinton ad


Donald Trump ad

Watch a television ad for each of the candidates above, OR go to to select two (2) advertisements to compare and contrast. Please state which two ads you selected and/or what year they are from.

Compare and contrast the techniques that each advertisement used such as images, music and narration. How would you describe the tone of each ad and how did it influence the ad’s effectiveness? Which advertisement do you think was most convincing and why? What, if anything, did you learn about each candidate’s platform from the ads?


The media log is a place for you to jot down your responses, reactions, thoughts and ideas about the media. Each entry can be anything related to political communication – ideally, it should be something current. It can also be local or national politics. Throughout the semester, you will be asked to log what you are viewing, reading, or discussing with regard to a particular topic. You can log entries based on articles, videos, television programs, advertisements, social media posts, press conferences, etc. Media Log Requirements:

• If you are logging a social media post – it needs to be from an influential source (i.e. a politician, journalist, or prominent figure. It should NOT be from a friend on Facebook or some random person you follow on Twitter). • Media log entries (Media Response Entry portion) should be a minimum of 150 words or enough to sufficiently convey your reactions or thoughts. What typical entries will include one or all of the following:

• Your thoughts and observations on the coverage of media events, ongoing news stories or communication from politicians, either locally or nationally.

• Your evaluation of the news or video sources.

• Your reaction to social media posts • Your responses to particular issues in the media based on the five key questions for media literacy.

1. Who created the message? 2. What techniques are used to attract my attention?

3. How might different people understand this message differently from me? 4. What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in, or omitted from this message?

5. Why was this message sent?

Evaluation of the Media Log: 1. Writing is personal, revealing as much about the observer as what is being observed.

2. Each media log has a clear and single focus. 3. Entries should contain a variety of topics.

4. Entries should attempt to understand media’s purpose and intentions. 5. Entries are specific rather than generalized. Use detail and reference to support your opinion.

6. There must be titles and dates. 7. Entries are proofread for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

Choose a public social media post or update from a current local or national political figure (use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram). Please provide a link or screenshot of the media post you choose. Discuss in the paper who posted it, why you think it was posted, whether it was an opinion or an objective statement, whether it leads to an article (and if so, who wrote and published this article), how the audience (commenters) responded and why you think they responded in that way.

  • Minimum 300 words, maximum of 750 words
  • Use Microsoft Word — .doc or docx)
  • Clarity and organization of writing will be considered in grading. Should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions between them.
  • Any sources used should be properly cited using APA style format.

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