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Needs Analysis


Needs Analysis
To prepare for Stage 1 of the Course Project:

From the organizations with which you are familiar, identify one that would benefit from an effective social media management plan. The organization may

be a church, a volunteer organization, a business, or could even be your own company or Internet business.

Complete a social media needs analysis for the organization, group, or company you identified, specifically addressing how social media is used inside

the organization, how it represents itself to the outside world, and how it receives feedback from external constituents. Consider questions such as the

What types of media (social, digital, and traditional) are currently used by the organization?
In your assessment, to what degree is their current use of media effective with both members of the organization and non-members
What are the current and future benefits to using social media for the organization?
Consider the following questions to identify your social media campaign topic:
What are possible topics or messages for the organization you can communicate using social media?
What are the core issues that need communication, feedback, or efforts to engage constituents (i.e., promotion of a sale, participation in an event,

supporting a specific cause, sharing a specific piece of information)? Be specific.

Assignment Directions……………………………………………………………….Write a 3- to 5-page paper that includes the following

based upon the responses to your needs analysis questions:
An explanation of the challenges and opportunities that exist in terms of social media for the target organization.
An explanation of the differences in the types of social media tools currently used and their respective strengths and weaknesses.
A description of the content, style, and structure of the current media messages produced by the organization, including both language and images.
A conclusion statement with social media recommendations for your target organization.
A paragraph identifying which of the four goals (raise awareness, influence perception, increase loyalty, or increase sales), you chose and a rationale

for your choice.
Part 2: Identification of Topic
A paragraph identifying your chosen social media campaign topic(s).
Your Course Project must be supported using at least two resources from this week’s Readings and should adhere to APA style guidelines, including proper



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