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Social contract theory

Post a 50-75 word response each to the following topics:

With so many images and text messages bombarding us, how can we really tell if we’re getting the phone, car, or shampoo that is right for us?

Please share your thoughts. 2. Have you ever used the media to express your views?

Have you ever thought that maybe you, too, can influence local, national, and international issues, if you knew just a few tips? Chapter 11 explores mass media, the news media, science reporting, the internet, and media literacy.

3.What is the social contract theory of government? How does democracy work? How can you use your newly found critical thinking skills to influence the political process? Chapter 13 explains the democratic process and how you can make your voice heard.4.Are all political ads completely accurate? How do you know?

Why is critical thinking necessary when deciding who/what to vote for?

5. What should you be aware of when you view images in advertising and in the media?Why is critical thinking important when viewing advertisements?

Provide one or two examples of advertisements you have seen recently, and describe how they influenced your thinking.Post a 150-word response to the following Discussion Prompts:6.What advice would you give to a senior who wants your help with learning how to snack healthier?

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