Nursing Research

Section I


Compile the components of the research proposal you have worked on throughout the course. You might need to do additional work to address applicable sections.


Review the toolkit for Ch. 31 of the Resource Manual for Nursing Researchfor details about the components.


Section II


Research2-3 peer-reviewed journals that would be appropriate to submit your study to and complete the table.


Section I: Research Proposal Outline

Part 1: Introduction

  • Problem statements/hypotheses
  • Background and significance

o    Is the need for the study and its significance well justified and well argued?

o    Is the proposed work innovative? Is it the right “next step”?

o    Is the literature review succinct and cogent? Does it demonstrate expertise and lay a solid basis for the new work?

o    Does a solid conceptualization underpin design decisions (and decisions about the intervention, if applicable)?

Part 2:Literature Review

  • Theoretical framework
  • Review 7-10 articles that align to your problem
  • Literature gaps

Part 3: Methodology

  • Research method
  • Research design

o    Population specification

o    Sampling plan

o    Ethics procedures

o    Data collection plan

o    Reliability

o    Validity

  • Data analysisplan

o    Software

o    Direct surveys



Section II: Evidence Dissemination


Peer-reviewed journal titleCriteria, what has to be submittedRationale for journal selection, who is on the peer-review committeeStipulations for submission to the journalJournal audience

Section I

Develop a research proposal outline utilizing the work you completed for the weekly learning activities and the Research Proposal Outline template.

Section II

The last step after you complete a study is disseminating evidence. This includes how you will report your research findings.

Select three peer-review journals you can submit your proposal to and complete the matrix in Section II of the template.

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