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Nursing, Personal Health Records


  1. You are to research, analyze, and write an APA-formatted scholarly paper on ONEtopic from the two choices listed below. Once selected, please click on the link next to the topic to download an APA template to complete your paper.
  1. Use the template to write an introduction that defines and describes the topic. Address what purpose the topic serves and how it impacts the delivery of healthcare in general and nursing care in particular.
  2. Search for scholarly sources and relevant websites. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources. The course textbook does not qualify as a scholarly source. Cite all sources in the body of the paper and include them in the References list following proper APA formatting.
  3. Provide one example of this topic. Describe the main features or aspects of the example with support from your sources.
  4. Describe an experience where the topic impacted you personally, either when you were receiving healthcare or when you were providing nursing careRelate one positive aspect or one negative aspect of this experience and how it could have been improved.
  5. Write a conclusion that summarizes the topic, the purpose, and how your newfound insight will influence your nursing care.
  6. Use one of the APA templates above to develop your paper. Use APA formatting. Refer to the Publication manual of the APA, sixth edition. Review the various APA documents included in this course and the SSPRNBSN Student Success course that can help you with your writing. Take advantage of the tutoring services that are available to Chamberlain students for free.
  7. The length of the paper should be a maximum of 4-5 pages, excluding the title page and the reference page. There should only be one small quote maximum in the paper. Citations should primarily include summary and restatement.


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