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Making Research Real and Relevant Paper

Assignment 2: Making Research Real and Relevant Paper (25%)

The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to connect with current research on a topic that interests you or to begin thinking about how research could be done to answer a research problem that you identify. The overall purpose of this assignment is to help make research relevant to you. The final product of this assignment is a 5-6 page paper, double- spaced in APA format. The page count excludes the title and reference pages.

Submit using the links in the Assessment section on the course home page.

Begin a Research Proposal – Start this project by thinking about the work you do everyday. Is there anything about the work you do everyday that confuses, puzzles, or causes you to question what you do or other do or how you do it? Can you think of a procedure or practice that could be changed or evaluated to potentially improve the quality of care you provide? Keep asking yourself these questions until a general “problem” becomes apparent.

Once you have a workable research problem statement and research question, map out a draft proposal for a research study that might begin to address this “problem.” Please note – you do not conduct this research, rather you outline a proposal for one approach to conducting a study directed at finding answers to your research question. Please do not choose an integrative design for this proposal as a study of this nature is extremely complex and beyond the expectations of this assignment. Include the following components in your paper.

  1. List your goals for the activity undertaken.
  2. What is the problem and the problem statement?
  3. What is the significance of addressing this problem?
  4. What search terms would you include in a literature search for this proposal?
  5. Provide a 1 paragraph summary of the findings of two research articles that you find appropriate to include in your literature review.
  6. Is there evidence of gaps in the literature related to your research problem? Give 1 example of a gap in the existent knowledge about your topic that you determine after reviewing some of the relevant research literature.
  7. What is your research question?
  8. What research approach and design would you use?
  9. If appropriate (based on your approach and design) provide a research hypothesis.
  10. Will you investigate concepts or variables? Why? If you are using variable, what would the independent and dependent variable be? If you are using concepts what are they?
  11. Identify your target population.
  12. Identify your accessible populations.
  13. What sampling procedure would you employ and why?
  14. Discuss the researchability of your proposed study. Use the researchability article for further information.
  15. Is this proposed study feasible? Why? Use the researchability article for further information.
  16. Address what you have learned from this assignment about the research process and the challenges of conducting research.
  17. Include a conclusion (labeled as such). It should begin “In this paper I discussed…” and refer back to the major topics included in the paper.

See the marking guide for additional direction regarding the expectations for this assignment. Note – a title page in APA form that includes a running head, page numbers, an introduction that includes a brief overview of what will be covered in the paper, headings and subheadings, grammar, spelling, punctuation and appropriate referencing in APA format in the body of the paper and on a reference page are expected.


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