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Research Proposal Part I

Create a 4-6 slide research proposal PowerPoint, with speaker’s notes that includes the following:

Research Proposal, Part I

Throughout this course, your Learning Team will submit a completed research proposal to your facilitator. The project will consist of two sections. This outlines the content needed in Part I.

This proposal must be professionally written, address all sections identified below, and be consistent with APA formatting guidelines. When writing, use section headings to indicate where the information may be found. Subheadings need not be used, though in long sections, they may facilitate organization.

Introduction: Explain the issue you are examining and why it is significant.
Describe the general area being studied.
Explain why this area is important to the general area under study.
State your research problem first.
Explain the background to the research problem.
State your research questions.
Justify the proposed study.
List the issues that emerge from the problem.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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