Needs Assessment Paper


This paper is Part 1of a 2-partassignment addressing the needs of military men and women who have served our country, and now are seeking to integrate back into family, community, and career. This part of the assignment is designed to help youevaluate needs that individuals may present.


Utilizing information presented in our texts and other readings that you will examine, identify various needs, but limit these needs to 6for this paper. The body format for this7–8-page paper will be as follows:


  1. Introductory paragraph in which you explain what the purpose is for the paper.
  2. Use your readings to identify each need, 1at a time. Use these identified needs as headings in your paper. In this short, but focused section you will want to have at least 3references/sources for each need, 1of which needs to be an academic or scholarly reference. Limit this section to no more than 6focus areas(family issues, post battle traumas, career, etc.).Some of your focused areas/needs may be addressed in more of an expanded way in later modules/weeks in this term; however, in your explorative readings, you will come across these needs and be able to use them in your paper.
  3. Use you conclusion paragraph to share any personal reflections you may have on your findings. You may use first person in this conclusion section.


This will be your general outline for this paper. Grades will be assigned based on quality of content, how well APA guidelines are adhered to, the richness of citations utilized, quality of expression, and biblical integration presented. Please see the grading rubric for additional information.

  • Length of paper: 7–8 pages—points will be subtracted for papers under 7 full pages (not including title page, abstract and references.) Your paper must not exceed 10 full pages.
  • Include at least 10 current references (within the last 5 years)—points deducted for each missing or out-of-date reference. Your reference number will vary depending upon how many needs you address (3 references for each need).
  • Follow APA 6th style. Review the APA Grading Rubric for guidance regarding grading factors, and, for additional aid, research the Purdue Online Writing Lab at
  • Paper will be graded on thoroughness, content, and integration of biblical perspective.
  • Avoid Plagiarism—Using or passing off someone else’s work as your own is a serious academic offense. Papers are submitted through SafeAssign to check for the proper treatment of sources. You may submit a draft version to the “Research Paper [DRAFT]” Safe Assignment link to check your score, then edit and revise, and submit it to the “Research Paper” SafeAssignment link.
  • Plagiarizing your paper will result minimally in failure of the assignment. Plagiarizing can also result in automatic failure of the course and academic discipline. Please make sure that all work is your own or is cited appropriately.

Last Updated on June 24, 2021