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Academic discipline

  1. What is an academic discipline?


  • A course that is deemed to be of value in the humanities


  • An identifiable but evolving domain of knowledge that its members study using certain tools that serve as a way of knowing that is powerful but constraining


  • A course that is offered at a university that focuses on the natural world.


  • No answer text provided.



  1. What is the purpose of a discipline?


  • To interpret reality according to certain prescribed guidelines and provide its members with organizational support


  • To provide sufficient information so that courses may be aligned with a particular department


  • To support promotion and tenure for faculty


  • No answer text provided.



  1. The “social content of disciplines” refers to?


  • The academic content of the discipline


  • The community of scholars who engage in the work of the discipline


  • No answer text provided.


  1. Disciplines share beliefs about how and how much we can understand about the nature of the world we live in. This is their


  • Methodology


  • Sociology


  • Epistemology


  • No answer text provided.


  1. Branches of specialties within disciplines are called subdisciplines


  • True
  • False


  1. Disciplines in the category of natural sciences include


  • Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry


  • Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology


  • Music, Art, Pottery, Ceramics



  1. Disciplines in the category of social sciences include


  • Music, Art, Pottery, Ceramics


  • Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry


  • Psychology, Sociolog, Anthropology



  1. Disciplinary perspectives are


  • essential to interdisciplinary studies and integrated in interdisciplinary research


  • irrelevant to interdisciplinary studies and interdisciplinary research


  • No answer text provided.


  1. Disciplinary thinking is the cognitive process that occurs when a person considers a concept, idea, or problem from the perspective of her or his disciplinary training.


  • True


  • False




  1. Most universities are organized into ____________ where the same disciplinary experts are housed.


  • Classrooms


  • Departments


  • pods

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