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Mock Program Extra Credit Assignment

Mock Program Extra Credit Assignment


This Mock program assignment is a way for you to use your knowledge of weight training to create a standard workout program. The program should be 4 weeks long and include the following check points:

  • 3-5 days a week
  • Include exercises for all muscle groups that were covered
  • Consider what order the exercises should be placed into
  • There must be evidence of overload each week in order to show progression throughout the program
  • Include strength/structural, assistance, and core exercises. Include appropriate sets and reps
  • Include unilateral movements(single arm, single leg) exercises for chest, back, shoulders, arms(biceps and triceps), quads, and hamstrings at least once a week
  • Include one exercise using free weights, machines, cables/bands, and body weight at some point during every workout
  • Include a warm-up(general or specific) and a cool-down
  • Write a short paragraph at the end explaining your program


Even with these general guidelines, there is still a decent amount of freedom with this assignment, meaning there isn’t one right way to it. The program should be in a table format. The assignment will be graded based on how efficient your program is and whether or not it has all of the required checkpoints listed above. Use the lecture 3 program design PowerPoint as a reference for different workouts. The last date the program can be handed in is 3/28/19.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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