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Comprehensive strength training program

Comprehensive strength training program

Incorporates at least of 7- 10 quality references in assignment.


Develop a comprehensive strength training program for anyone other than yourself. This project must demonstrate your ability to effectively design an appropriate and effective program for use in the business world.

Follow these guidelines to develop your program:

  1. State for who you are developing this program. 12.5 points.
  2. Define goals of the program in two to three statements. Verify that goals are:
    i. Specific
    ii. Measurable
    iii. Realistic
    iv. Attainable

Goals must meet all elements as stated above. 12.5 points.

  1. State how these goals will be measured pre, mid, and post program.12.5 points.
  2. Prepare a grid for your program! I don’t care how you present your program, but it must be in a table or grid format to be seen clearly and evaluated fairly.12.5 points.
  3. Develop a six week strength training program only. All six weeks must be shown. DO NOT combine weeks. 12.5 points.
  4. The program should require the person to strength train at least 3 days/week. This will vary by population. 12.5 points.
  5. Your program needs to include all of the following variables (I will look for these):
  6. Clear demonstration of the relationship between goals and the exercise selection. 2 points.
    b. Overload 2 points.
    c. Define the number of reps and sets for each exercise each day of the program. This must show some type of progression intent. 2 points.
    d. Include one example of each type of exercise: concentric, eccentric, and isometric. 2 points.
    e. Include one example of a unilateral and bilateral exercise. 2 points.
    f. Choose one advanced training method and use it appropriately in your program. Look back at the forums for what these include. 2 points.

NOTE: use highlights and a legend to show items “d”, “e” and “f”

  1. Follow APA format per any writing component and references. 12.5 points.

Use the above guidelines as a literal checklist for your program.

Comprehensive strength training program

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