6 week exercise program

#3 Exercise PrescriptionWrite a 6 week exercise program for a particular population that YOU choose. The program should include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Population overview
  • Include demographics for a fake “person” that you will design the program for: i.e.: 26 yr. old male, HT: 5’9” WT: 267 lbs. with Type II Diabetes and family history.
  • Target HR recommendations (using Karvonen and a percentage of intensity determined by you.)
  • Contraindications (absolute reasons the participant cannot exercise) /risks and special considerations for that particular population.
  • Warm up/cool down/cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility guidelines/suggestions. Be creative. Most of the weeks should have different suggestions.
  • Sample exercises-pictures
  • Separate the program into weeks (week 1, week 2, etc.) and write specific recommendations/changes/progression for each week. Use table format with columns/rows.
  • The bibliography must include at least 6-8 references from peer reviewed journals (with only 1 or 2 references from websites). * This is worth 150 pts
  • Use APA formatting
  • Paper will be submitted on Canvas
  • Paper must be at least 8 pages not including cover page and reference page. Double spaced.

All assignments must follow APA guidelines to include cover/title page, double spacing , Times Roman font, 12 pt, headers, subheadings and references with hanging indent. Appropriate in text citations are required as well.

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