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Management Organization

You are a division manager and Human Resources has just notified you that the majority of your employees are losing vacation time each pay period because they are not using it. Evaluate how the listed motivation theories would help you communicate the importance of taking vacation time to employees?

Equity theory
Expectancy theory
Reinforcement theory
Goal-setting theory

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, identify the theory of motivation you would use and why.

The format must follow the guidelines listed below:
1. The assignment must be typed using 12-point font. You must use either Times New Roman or Arial font.
2. 1-inch margins
3. Single spaced
4. Double space between paragraphs
5. One-page limit
6. Spell and grammar check your document. No more than five (5) errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., will be accepted and points will be deducted. More than five (5) errors will result in 0 points.
7. Your name, assignment name and date must be placed at the top of the page using the Word header function.
8. This must be your own original individual work.

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