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Management and leadership theories

Please select one of the management or leadership theories (you may know of one not listed below) and three of the characteristics listed below. You want to research how the details you chose for each characteristic apply to the selected management or leadership theory. You should write at least 100 words for each characteristic.

Management and leadership theories include (select one or one you are familiar with):

  • Contingency theory
  • Systems theory
  • Chaos theory
  • Theory X and Theory Y
  • Human relations theory
  • Transactional leadership theory
  • Transformational leadership theory
  • Path-goal theory
  • Charismatic leadership theory
  • Situational leadership theory.

Different types of characteristics to consider for each management or leadership theory are (select three):

  • Traits
  • Values, integrity and moral development
  • Confidence and optimism
  • Skills and expertise
  • Behavior
  • Influence tactics
  • Attributes about followers
  • Beliefs and assumptions.

For example, you may select the contingency theory and write 100-word minimum about (1) traits, 100-word minimum about (2) skills and expertise, and 100-word minimum about (3) behavior.

Using references to support this assignment and future assignments is an important way to demonstrate that you’ve thoroughly comprehended class content and that you are using critical thinking skills. This is important for all academic writing. Our own opinions are useful and helpful, but in order to credibly argue your perspective in an academic environment, please be sure to demonstrate that you’ve done research and critical reflection. This comes from researching additional references thoroughly. Also, be sure to use APA 6th edition formatting to provide in-text citations and a matching reference list. By properly researching and using references, you will undoubtedly improve your grade in any academic setting. At least one reference is recommended for this assignment.


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