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ACCESS, HTML, CSS and Python

Question 1: Use ACCESS to build a small database called Grading System, which has 3 tables: the student information, the course list and CSCI100A class list. Use the one we did in class as starting point, to complete the database design and write the query to find if the student “Luke Skywalk” is taking CSCI100A this semester.

Question 2: Write the html and css to introduce your favorite sport. The technical correctness and color theme design will be both considered.

Question 3: Design an automatic ticket machine, it would ask the number of tickets you need and the zone you want. Zone A is $40, Zone B is $25, Zone C is $10, and Zone X is reserved for groups, which is a fixed price of $100 for up to six people. If the party is greater than six, it would reject the Zone X request, but OK to buy other Zones. Find the total price with 12% tax and print the ticket with all information on, e.g., name, Zone, total number of people, and total cost.

Last Updated on April 5, 2020

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