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This posting should answer the requirements using the course material from week 1 (not external source material) to support the ideas presented. If you are uncertain as to how to support the ideas presented, go to Content and view the module, Learn How to Support What You Write.

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It is important to write concisely, provide the chapter title, chapter heading, page, or paragraph number. Include in-text citations and a reference in a reference list. To see how to cite the eBook, go to Content and view the module, Learn to Use APA. The citation and reference information is on the right-side of the screen.]



Who is the manager and what is his or her job in an organization? The manager’s role has traditionally revolved around setting short-term goals for the organization to execute, and performing tasks that include processes, procedures, and production within the organization’s purpose or vision. The modern role of the manager has evolved to include serving as a facilitator to accomplishing tasks.


The study of organizational theory and management has evolved with the changing business landscape. To appreciate the place management theory has in business today, it is important to learn about how the business landscape has evolved and how this evolution has affected the business organization.

For Discussion

  • Discuss one classical theory and one more contemporary theory to management. Provide examples to illustrate how each theory has been or is depicted in the workplace.
  • Using the two identified theories, discuss how the role of the manager has changed.
  • It is assumed that the classical theories of management are dated and not relevant in today’s business environment. Identify a classical theory that you consider to still be relevant in business today and explain why;
  • Scientific Management is a theory of management that analyzes workflow. Explain how scientific management changed the way we manage manufacturing.
  • Explain why the study of organizational theory is an important tool for managers in the 21st-century business organization. Give examples.

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