Podcast assignment

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Listen to this first podcast ( https://www.npr.org/transcripts/495671371 ) and/or read the transcript.  Answer the following questions: Have you ever had a job that is similar to this telephone operator’s experiences? If so, what was this job, how was it similar, and how did … Continued

Bootstrap Marketing Ideas

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Running Head: BOOTSTRAP MARKETING IDEAS 2 Title: Bootstrap Marketing Ideas Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Date: Examples of bootstrap marketing strategies The first example is the usage of media platform, social media is mostly in use in online businesses, but the … Continued

Strategic Competitiveness

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Running Head: MANAGEMENT 1 MANAGEMENT 2 Strategic Competitiveness Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Business Administration Capstone Date: Introduction McDonald’s is among the fast-food restaurants, which are on the top globally. Their franchise model is a significant one, which is also utilized … Continued

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